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Post by Teresa Rowley on Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:27 pm


General Questions forum: The General Questions forum in the Question Centre is the place to go if you have any questions about the game, gameplay mechanics, or any features, that you would like answered. The SWC staff check these forums regularly, in addition to countless players who browse the forums in order to help out new players.

SWC Support Center: You can make a support ticket if you encounter a problem that an ASim needs to fix. This includes requesting a skill reset (if you are under level 3 and don't like your skills; this can only be done once!), or if you encounter an issue where you get stuck in-game and can't move, or if you need to register a multi, or if you need to report someone for serious harassment.

Bug Base: If you encounter a bug in the game, please check to make sure it isn't already listed by someone else in the bug base before reporting it.

Chat: You can use the built-in Chat client to connect to the Combine's chat server. If you need to talk to a staff member or have a question about the game, enter #swc-help in the "Room" field. Once you connect, type in your question, and someone will help you out. If no one is active, you can try saying everyone's name to highlight them (this will make a sound or flash the window for them, so they are more likely to see you).


The Guide: This is the official Guide of the Star Wars Combine, linked at the top of each page. It contains a First Week guide, in addition to descriptions and walkthroughs for countless features in SWC.

The Rules: This is the official Rules portal for SWC. Many of the links in this thread are straight out of the rules. Be sure to skim them so you know where to look when you find yourself in need of information about a specific topic.

Galaxy Map: A map of the galaxy! Here you can find your place in the galaxy and figure out what's around you.

Character Skills: Hopefully you read the mouseovers on your skills before allocating them! If not, this page will describe to you what each skill does and which ones are implemented. If you messed up and are still under level 3, you can request one skill reset by submitting a Support ticket (see HELP section at the top of this thread).

Positions Vacant forum: The Positions Vacant forum in the RPG Centre is the best place to view which factions are recruiting and what they are offering. Browse through their ads to locate the best place for you!

Faction listing: This is the full listing of all factions in SWC, with their description and leadership information. If a recruitment liaison is listed, that's the person you'll want to contact for more information about joining the faction, unless other instructions are provided.

NPC Transport: This is a listing of starports that can be accessed through the NPC transportation system, which includes starports at race homeworlds.

Personal Weapons: This is a list of all of the weapons available in SWC. Click the headers to sort the list by the characteristic of your choosing, or click the weapon name for more information about that weapon. Note that some weapons are restricted to specific factions, so you may not be able to acquire a weapon with an affiliation such as Galactic Empire or New Republic.

Holocron: The Holocron is the in-character Wiki for the Combine. Here you can read about all of the factions, characters, and events that have happened in SWC. You can also register your own account and create a new page about your character to share with everyone.

Hunting: The official Hunting guide. This covers strategies, tips, and basic information about how to kill creatures and NPCs for credits, loot, or XP.


Shops: This rules page lists what NPC shops will sell you in-game and where you can find them. These shops can be found in nearly every race starting city, but not necessarily in faction starting cities.

Centrepoint Market (CPM): This is the primary trading website used in SWC. It functions much like eBay; you manage your transactions through its interface, then need to complete the trade within SWC. You can use feedback ratings to determine whether or not it is safe to send first to someone.

CPM's Middlemen: List of trustworthy middlemen according to Centrepoint. You can contact these individuals in SWC to ask them to middle a trade for you. This means the buyer and seller each send their side of the trade to the trustworthy middleman, who will complete the trade for the two parties.

CPM's Thieves: Listing of known scammers, sponsored by CPM. Avoid sending first to these individuals! When trading with them, use a middleman you trust.

Known Scammers: Listing of known scammers within SWC, including those without CPM accounts. Avoid sending first to these individuals! When trading with them, use a middleman you trust.

NPC Market: Here you can place silent bids on various entities that are not currently owned by other players. Many of these come from deceased players or dissolved factions. They will not be transported to your location automatically, so bid only on what you think you can access. You need to be at a market location to place bids (see next few links).

CPM Market Locations: A list of Centrepoint-owned stations and facilities from which you can access the NPC Market.

Joruba Trading Corporation Market Locations: A list of Joruba-owned stations and facilities from which you can access the NPC market.

Baobab Merchant Fleet Market Locations: A list of Baobab-owned stations and facilities from which you can access the NPC market.

Galactic Stock Exchange Market Locations: A list of GSE-owned stations and facilities from which you can access the NPC market.

Traders Lounge forum: Forum for general discussion with other traders. Find out what's going on in the trading community here.

Commerce forum: You can advertise to buy and sell goods here. Useful as CPM does not allow "want to buy" listings. Many traders will also advertise their CPM listings here for extra exposure.

Gambling Hut forum: Run some raffles or participate in games and raffles run by other players. Don't bet more money than you can afford to lose!

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