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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:19 pm


In the Combine, you can create squadrons of ships and vehicle of the same type, or convoys composed of ships of different types and sizes, so that every element follows the squadron leader.

What can I Squad?

You can squad together different ships. However, the squadron has a maximum Party Size of 12 (twelve), and only squadrons within this limit are possible. Each ship is assigned its own Party Size (which is visible in the Rules page of that specific entity). Fighters are small ships with Party Size equal to 1, so you can make a squadron of 12 fighters. Some freighters have a Party Size equal to 4, so you can make a squadron of 3 of them. Also, you can mix the ship's types and have two 4-slot freighters (for a total of 8 slots) and 4 fighters (for a total of 4+8 = 12 slots).

You can also squad vehicles. It is particularly important for prospecting as using a squad of FK-7 Airspeeders or SX-65 Groundhogs will increase your chances.

In order to create a squadron, you MUST have "Pilot" privileges for the ships you wish to use.

Click [Squadron], in the horizontal bar on the main screen (besides Travel button).
A list of all entities assigned to you appear, with the Party Size for each one.
To the right of each squaddable entity there is a button "Add to Party". Click on it to add the ship to the party, if you have enough slot space available.

The process is similar for vehicles.
Examples of Use

Your Commanding Officer has asked you to transport a large group of fighters. There are three types of fighters: 7 Y-Wings, 4 X-Wings, and 6 A-Wings. You can create a squadron of different types, but you cannot make all of these fighters become a single squadron because they occupy 17 slots. So, you must group and transport the fighters in two times: the first one with 12 fighers and the second time with the 5 remaining.


The status of a ship/vehicle being the Leader or the NPC of a squadron is visible exclusively from the "Manage Piloted Ships/Vehicles" inventory.
As for the maximum speed of the squadron, it is set by the slowest entity in the group.
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