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Jarne's Background & Stats Empty Jarne's Background & Stats

Post by Jarneskeg Yrfeloran on Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:45 pm

SWC Name: Jarneskeg Yrfeloran
IRC Handle: Jarne
Email: jarneskegge@gmail.com
AKAs: The Sheppard
RP Call-Sign: Serenity
Company Working for: Independent Traders Infonet,
Joruba Trading Corporation, Solonar Rangers
Job: Recruiting, Trading, Logistics, Diplomacy
Have you been assigned a company ship: Y
temporary assignments for logistics purposes.
If you have type:
I generally use my own ships. Fighters, Freighters, Capitals

Copy and Paste your skills here:
Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Speed 1
Dodge 0
Projectile Weapons 2
Non Projectile Weapons 0


Medical Treatment 2
Diplomacy/Trading 3
Crafting/Slicing 3
Management 0
Perception 2
Stealth 2


R&D Metallurgy 0
R&D Electronics 0
R&D Engines 1
R&D Weapons 0
Repair 2
Computer Operations 1


Fighter/Freighter Piloting 4
Fighter/Freighter Combat 3
Capital Ship Piloting 2
Capital Ship Combat 1
Space Command 2


Vehicle Piloting 2
Vehicle Combat 2
Infantry Command 2
Vehicle Command 0
Heavy Weapons 0

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