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Post by Teresa Rowley on Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:23 pm

CP's are earned by voting for SWC or gotten thru donating real money.

They can be used to get free special ships, vehicles,boats, droids,or to add custom pictures to your stuff.

So voting is important to do daily.

The CP link is under your picture and is in green

Combine Points

Combine Points (or CPs) are an OOC reward to players for helping the combine. There are a variety of ways of obtaining them, as well as uses for them. The number you currently have is shown on the sidebar, underneath your avatar and can be exchanged for a variety of ships, vehicles, droids and various other things.

Getting CPs

CPs are obtained from helping the Combine in some way. Most players will get them from voting, while others will get them for helping with art, or descriptions etc.

This is the main method with which players will gain CPs. It is done by going to the Support the Combinepage (this is found under your profile picture listed with CPs next to it) will give you a variety of different voting options. There are a series of voting sites, these allow for you to vote for SWC to help it move up the ranks of different MMORPGs the higher the ranking the more coverage we will get and the more potential players that will join. You can visit these sites once every 24 hours this enables you to vote up to 7 times a week as long as you are efficient on clicking. The number of sites changes as new ones are added and old ones are removed from the list on occasions. Simply clicking on the banner to a site will grant the player 10 combine points. If you hover the cursor over some of the banners a small textbox will be visible. If it says "Backwards Incentive!" then you will earn 10CP just for clicking on the banner and an additional 10 if you continue and actually vote on that site. As an added bonus to encourage you to click as many times as possible providing you click at least twice a week all points you have earned will be doubled.

This is accessed on the same page as the Voting. On the right of that page are 2 survey systems (Blvd-Media and CPALead). Click on the offer there, do what they require and you will recieve the relevant CP reward. Sometimes the system doesn't register that you completed it, but they are refreshed every so often so you will not run out.

You can donate to the Combine and receive some CPs for your trouble. You will receive 1,000 CPs for every US$1 you donate. Donation page is again, on the above site.

You can get CPs for helping enhance the Combine in many different ways. Helping to update descriptions for entities, creating new art for SWC to use can all get you more CP's.

There are many things you can exchange CPs for including:

Credits for the exchange rate of 1CP:5cr
Entities such as

Ships these must be spawned from inside a powered Starport or Landing Pad. vehicles these must be spawned from inside a powered Garage, Hangar or Starport bar the MVR-3 Mini Sub as this is a submarine and as such needs to be spawned from inside a powered Dry Dock, Naval Shipyard or Port, located in a River, Swamp or Ocean city. droids these must be spawned from inside a powered Tavern, Hangar, Shop, Commerce Center or Factory.

Custom NPCs (which you can create your own script for) and items (these all serve no purpose in game bar RP.
Custom images for your entities, this is your chance to make your ship, speeder, item or anything else that you would like to look different to the norm, if you are no good at photoshopping there are multiple people in the game that you can hire for several credits to create your customised paint job for you. This needs to follow several rules which are found listed on the following link

To exchange your points, find the Exchange CPs menu under the CP section on your sidebar in-game.
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