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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:41 pm

General Questions
What is the Star Wars Combine?

The Star Wars Combine is an interactive online Star Wars simulation. People play the sim from diverse nations around the globe. The Star Wars Combine is 100% free of charge, and is a non-profit game.

In the Combine you will be allowed to create a character of your own with several different races to choose from. Upon character creation, you will have the option to join a group from a hefty list of candidates. Life in the Combine galaxy is just like stepping into George Lucas's epic Star Wars universe with the primary difference being that, in the Combine, there are none of the original Star Wars characters. No Luke Skywalker, no Leia Organa, no Mon Mothma, etc, etc. However, the setting and general plot are the same, the ongoing war between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance.

What time period is the game set in?

Though it is difficult to assess the time in comparison to the movies (since events and people are different between the two), it has been generally agreed upon that this game is set within the area of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. However, with the new movies and new ideas, we will be incorporating ships and systems from the new trilogy as well.

What would make me choose to play this game?

Well, the number one reason is that our game will be free (except for, of course, the Internet access fees you have to pay anyway). No software to buy and no monthly fee to pay. The second reason is that you can help to develop this game how you would like it to. All you have to do is ask to help. Also, as a smaller community, there is more interaction and fun between other players.
How can I buy/sell a ship from other players?

First, the person who buys the ship (Luke) has to contact the person who sells the ship (Han). Next, Luke has to pay for the ship by clicking on transaction sheet/credits transaction/transfer credits. Afterward, Luke must write the name of receiver, amount and communication and then choose the receiver type. When all this has been done, Luke solidifies the credit transfer by clicking on the "transfer" button. To give Luke his ship after receiving payment, Han has to click on "ships" in his personal inventory and choose who he wants to give the ship to (faction or person). Han must then select the ship Luke paid for and click on "Make Over."

Be warned that there are no guarantees for trading in the Combine and theft is an ever-present factor in the game.

Can I kill another character?

Right now there are very few options to kill a character. A character can be executed, if they have had an arrest warrant issued on them and are currently under arrest. You can also kill yourself by flying into a sun, which also kills any other passengers located on that ship.

Why are the prices of the ships higher than those shown in the rules area?

The prices shown in the rules area are the prices of production. The real prices depend on the traders and the in-game demand for ships.

Can I have more than one character?

No, you are only allowed to have one character in the Combine. If your character dies you may create a new one after a period of time. Even if you leave your character for long periods of time, it is still best to try and log back in as that character or check with one of the administrators to see if your old character still exists before creating a new one.

Who developed/is developing the Combine?

The current and former staff of Combine can be found on the Contacts page under the link "The SWC Team".

Is the Combine affiliated with LucasArts?

The Combine is an independent game created by a group of people that love Star Wars. They are not part of LucasArts.

How do I pilot a ship or vehicle?

After you have entered the ship or vehicle there will be a few yellow squares at the bottom of the purple "Personal Data Assistant". If you can see a square with a stick man entering a cockpit, click it. After clicking it, the page will reload and below the link to position will be a "Enter Cockpit" link. Click that link and you will be in the cockpit.

How can I remake my character?

Once a character is made in the Combine, it cannot be altered. The only way a new character can be made is if your character dies. If stats are your concern, they can be upgraded as you progress in the game.

What are White Scenarios?

White scenarios are IC role-playing scenarios that have members of the combine performing actions through the forums. GM's monitor the scenarios and perform actions with NPC's. In White Scenarios there are no repercussions for being involved. If you die in one, you will still be alive in the Combine. Depending on how well you role-play in the scenarios you will be given experience points (XPs). You can find scenarios through the community links RPG Centre under Portals, and White Scenario Board under Affiliates.

Why must I wait a period of time to create a new character?

This delay was set in order to keep Combine players from creating, killing, and then recreating characters in hopes of getting a Force-sensitive one.

What server do I go to on IRC?

What Messaging System do most members use?

Most members use either the Combine messaging system (often referred to as "Darkness Message") or utilize other "instant messaging" systems such as ICQ, AIM, or MSN.

Can more than one player use the same computer?

Yes, but you must register using the Multi-Accounts registration form. For more information check out

What is IRC?

IRC is a instant messaging server. Most combine players use IRC as a primary form of communication to their factions. It is also used by the SWC's many traders and is generally the best way of selling/buying ships.

How do I register on IRC and what does it do?

Registering on IRC secures your user name to help make sure no one else can use it. To register you will need to type /msg NickServ REGISTER password e-mail (change e-mail and password to what you would like for them both [example /msg NickServ REGISTER 123456 After this you’ll receive a conformation e-mail and every time you log in you will need to type in /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

Can I also create a city?

Anyone can create a city, yes. However, there are some requirements to construct a city. The terrain square you selected must be non-volcanic. Also, either you or your faction must posses the required amount of credits it take a build a city. It costs 1,500,000 credits to build a city.

I must travel to a system but I don't know where it is.

If you want to find out where a system, sector, planet or city you have to travel to is then you can look at the galaxy map. It is easy to navigate and can be found here:
How do I increase my skill points?

Every time you level, you receive a new skill point to use. These skill points can be allocated to your skills via the Character link on your right menu. However, such increases cannot be undone, and the definitions for skills which are not yet implemented may change in the future.

How long does my character stay in combine if I am not active anymore?

Characters with XP Level 1 are wiped after 9 months of inactivity, all characters above Level 1 are retrievable at any time. Dead characters, however, can never be retrieved.

This stat doesn't seem to do anything yet, why is it there?

Not all of the stats in the game have a use yet, but when the game is fully operational they will all have a use. You can view what your stats will be used for by reading through the various rules in the technical section.

How can I be in more than one IRC channel at once?

You will need to download mIRC a Chat Client from Download and install this and you can be in as many channels as you want! It also has other handy features to make chatting easier.
Technical Questions
I am a Gamorrean/Hutt etc. How come Darkness will not let me pilot a ship or vehicle?

Several races, as listed on the race page, cannot pilot certain ships and vehicles. It is best to check the restrictions and abilities of a race before choosing to play that race.

What are CPs (Combine Points)?

The Combine Points are given to you by the admins for out of character (OOC) efforts you do to support and help the Star Wars Combine. You can exchange them for ships, vehicles and other inventory items (as they come available), some of which are only available through the CP exchange system.

How much experience do I need to raise up my Experience Level?

The needed experience is not the same for every level. To achieve level 2 you need 1000 experience, for level 3 - 3000. For level n you will need 1000 x (n-1) x n / 2. You can find a table with the experience points needed up to level 9 in the rules section.

What does NPC mean?

NPC = Non-Playing Characters. You can create them so they can work for you, control your NPC-ed ships, etc. Currently they are not implemented in the game.
What do I need to play the Combine in the terms of hardware, software, etc?

A computer capable of connecting to the Internet and a browser (Such as Firefox, IE6.0+, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape etc.)

How can I get CPs?

1. You can add links to the Links Library (for every 5 links you can get 500 CPs) 2. You can join the Banner Exchange (5000CPs) 3. You can click on 'Support us' in ' Support combine' 4. You can vote for this site on other site by clicking on links in 'support combine'

Do I have to download any software to play?

No, all that you need is a browser.

Can I create a new faction?

Yes you can. To do so you will need to satisfy the conditions found on the Faction Creation rules.

How do I install the Star Wars Combine Links swcl_13.xpi on my Mozilla-Firefox browser?

Download the xpi file from the Firefox Extension located in The Guide under Portal. Open the file with Firefox and click on install. Then restart the browser. Done!
Rules Questions
Where can I find rules in Darkness?

You can find them and other information about the SWC at:

What happens if I die?

You lose all of your characters experience points, inventory and money. You will keep only your Combine Points and in three weeks you will be able to create a new character.

Is theft allowed in the Combine?

Theft occurs in the Combine. How your character reacts or performs it is up to you.

Why can I not change the details (like ownership) of a ship owned by a faction?

You can only change a ship's information if you own it. Ships given by a faction for your use are a privilege, and being such are not owned by you. This action was implemented in order to prevent theft of a faction's property

Is the Combine played in real time?

The Combine is played in delayed real time. For more information read

What is spying and is it allowed?

Spying is when you infiltrate a faction in order to gain information for another faction or person. Currently it is permitted under the rules. Full details on what you may and may not do in regards to spying can be found at .
What are raw materials?

Raw materials are the materials required to produce a certain piece of technology (ship, vehicle, weapon, etc.).

How can I die?

Currently there are only two ways to die: running a ship into a sun or getting your faction, or someone else, to execute you.

How do I get raw materials?

Raw materials can only be mined. Prospecting vehicles must be used to scan planets for deposits, and then a mining faction must construct a mine at the deposit location in order to mine the deposit for materials.
Getting Started Questions
Can I be a jedi?

Every race has its own force probability, giving you a chance to be born force sensitive. But if you are not, then you can still become one later by gaining experience and levels.

How can I earn credits?

1. You can join a faction that pays its members a salary and/or bonuses.

2. You can buy items and sell it for more.

3. You can collect CPs and exchange them for credits.

For more information, see the article on Credits
How can I get a ship or vehicle?

In the beginning of your IC life, the easiest way of getting a ship or vehicle is by joining a faction and be assigned one. Later on when you have enough money you can buy one for yourself. Another possibility is to exchange your CPs for some of the available ships and vehicles in the CP exchange.

Which faction should I join?

That depends on who you want your character to be - a rebel or an empire supporter, a bounty hunter, a trader, a pirate, a researcher, etc. If you want to fly an X-Wing or a Mon Calamari cruiser, then you should join the Rebel Alliance. If you prefer the Tie Fighters and the Star Destroyers then you should definitely join the Galactic Empire. Of course you can join any other faction as well, depending on your interests. And who says you have to join any at all?

How do I get more Credits?

The easiest way is to join a faction and receive a salary. You can also exchange CPs for credits. Or start your own business like transporting ships and passengers for credits. Another possibility is to get a loan from a Bank faction.

How can I get off my starting planet?

1. Join a faction, most offer transport to the planet you'll be working on, or supply a ship to fly around in. 2. Buy a ride from another player or a transport CMG, or rent a ship. 3. Save up CPs and exchange them for a ship. 4. Purchase a ship and have it moved to your location, to do this you'll need to earn some money first.

Why is the handle I selected declined?

1: It has to sound like a word (Ex: "bgfive" or "imlame" would not be accepted, while "John doe" would be)

2: It can not be the name of an star wars character, although using the first or last names is allowed (Ex: "Luke skywalker is not a legal handle, but "Luke deacon" or "Mike skywalker" would be)

3: No titles in your handle are allowed (Ex: no "Sir" "Darth" "Princess" "Dr." etc...)

4: All handles must have a capital for the first letter of the name (Ex: "john doe" is not legit, but "John doe" is)

5: No special chars in it other then spaces, -, or ' (Ex: "John5 doe" would be illegal, but "John'ell doe" would work)

Each handle is unique; if it's too close to the name of another character it will be declined. (Ex: if you try to set your handle as "Jennifer Dreighton" it will automatically fail, since there already is a "Jennifer Dreighton". You may have the same last name as another character, but you require their permission first. (Ex: There is a "Wilhelm von Ismay" and a "Victor von Ismay", but Wilhelm got Victor's permission before setting his last name to that).

How do I log in? It keeps refreshing the page.

First, use Lost Password to request a new password and log in with that. Be sure to paste or type it in exactly, as it is case sensitive.

If that fails, check to ensure that you are using the up to date version of Internet Explorer. Clear your cache (Tools->Internet Options->General->Delete Files) and make sure cookies are enabled (Tools->Internet Options->Privacy->adjust slider).

If you are still having no luck, consider temporarily trying an alternate browser such as Opera ( or Mozilla (

How to change my location (travel)?

If you want to move from one position to another you have to go to position => travel => city => you can enter some coordinates. If you give coordinates from (0,0) to (21,21) when you are on foot (walking), you will travel only inside the city. If you want to go to another city you have to go to position => travel => cross terrain => then you can pick a position to where you want to go to.

I just created my character and assigned skill points. Where do I go and what do I do?

It's up to you. You can work alone and be a freelancer or you can join a faction. While being an independent freelancer may sound fun, it doesn't provide the benefits a faction does such as paychecks every month, a neat duty like piloting a ship or vehicle, and a place to call home. Visit for more details on the various factions. If you are interested in a faction, it would not be a bad idea to check out that faction’s website, as well as contacting a member from the faction's recruiting office to get more information on that faction’s services and benefits.
How to Questions
How can I gain CPs?

The easiest way is to click on the banners in the "Support The Combine" section of your account once per 24 hours. Suggesting planet descriptions, reporting bugs and typos, working on admin assignments or other ways of helping the development of the Combine can also be awarded. You can also buy CPs with exchange rate of 1000 CPs for every 1 Dollar /Euro you donate.

How can I improve my skills?

For every Experience Level you achieve, 1 skill point is added to your skill pool, which you can use to improve your skills, using the Character link on your right menu. However, skill increases cannot be undone, and it is possible that skill definitions for features not yet implemented may be changed in the future.

How can I get more experience?

Experience points can be gained in many ways. Flying ships or piloting vehicles is a common method, it is also possible to gain them by mining or prospecting. Constructing buildings or stations gains an amount of experience. Small amounts are also awarded for certain achievements such as sending your first message or joining your first faction. Other ways may be added as the game develops.
How can I send a message to another player?

Click on the Send message link in your menu (it looks like an envelope) then Send Message. Enter the handle of the recipient, choose if you want to send an anonymous message or not and enter the message itself.

How can I send credits to another player?

Click on the display of your current credits total in the right hand menu. This should bring up the Transfer Credits screen. Enter the handle of the character or the name of the faction to receive the credits, then enter the amount and add a comment if you want. Finally click Transfer.

How do I join a faction?

Click the Faction link on the right hand menu and then on Join Faction. Select the one you would want to join, add a message if you want, click submit and await further instructions. Generally allow up to 24-48 hours for a reply from the faction to see if you have been accepted or not.

How do I launch a missile, fire my blaster or beat up a Wookiee?

Combat is not yet implemented. It is possible to brawl with Brawler NPCs for experience points and factions have the ability to arrest and execute, but weapons cannot yet be used.

How do I report a bug?

If you encounter a bug, click on the Bug Form link on the right side menu. A new window will open. Then click on the Report Bug link. Please browse though the list of bugs to make sure that the bug you are reporting is a new one. If you find that your bug is already listed, add a comment to it stating your problem as well.

How can I support the Combine?

There are many ways to support the Combine. You can click on the banners at the top of the screen. You can vote for the Star Wars Combine on one of the many sites that offer game rankings. For more information click on the link Support us under the about header on the right side menu of the Community section.

How do I enter a ship or vehicle?

Firstly, you have to be assigned to the crew list or set as owner/commander/pilot of the ship or vehicle to be able to board it. Once that is taken care of, click on "Position", then "Enter". If the above parameters are met, you should be able to see the ship. Click "Board".

How do I buy weapons/droids/items?

A few minor items can already be bought in Shop and Commerce Centre facilities. Shops can be found in most starting cities and are NPC-owned, while Commerce Centres are faction/player owned.

Otherwise, the majority of weapons, droids, and items can be purchased from the faction that produces them, which is displayed on the rules page for the item in question, or from players who already own them.

How can I help contribute to the Combine or the Administration?

There are many ways of contributing to the Combine. Constantly be on the look out on the (Sim) News. The different Administration sections are always looking for help that the "average Combiner" can do. Often you can earn CP's from helping. Such tasks are: -writing planet description -writing character descriptions -contribute artwork -reporting bugs -reporting typos

How do I travel in a ship?

To move around within a ship, your status in the Control panel must be set to Position (as opposed to Cockpit -- see below).

To operate a ship, you first travel from the entrance room to the cockpit room (identified by a { on the diagram--your position is marked by a yellow dot). Once in the cockpit room, you "Enter Cockpit" (on the Control panel to the right)--but you can't do that unless your name has been entered as the pilot of the ship.

To lift off, hit the Travel button, then City, then Ascend. It takes an hour to reach (upper) atmosphere.

Once in the upper atmosphere, you need to reach orbit; this takes another hour. You do this from the Travel section by hitting Planet, then Orbit.

Once in orbit, you have to escape the gravity well of the planet you're orbiting; this is the section shaded in red on the display under Travel. Hit the Sublight button and click on some square that is not in the red. This should take roughly half an hour of travel.

Once out of the gravity well, you're free to go Hyper. Hit the Hyper button, then select from the menu of sectors (or choose a sector from the map of the galaxy), then select the desired system and Go.

N.B.: Don't try to abort once in Hyper. You can lose the ship and be killed that way, should you come out near a gravitating body.

Upon entering a system, you'll be still a bit out from your destination planet; you'll have to hit Sublight and indicate which planet you want to go to.

Upon arrival at the planet, you're in orbit. You can, at that point, change over to any other ship also in orbit for which you are listed as a Crewmember. To do this, Travel to that room in the ship which has the exit, hit Enter, and select from among ships to which you have entree.

To land a ship on the ground, you must reverse the lift-off procedure: First hit Planet, then Reentry (and you can select your destination square on the planet); that takes an hour to put you in atmosphere. Once in atmosphere, you land by hitting Descend in the Travel section (and you can select your destination square in the city). Once landed, you can leave the ship by travelling to an exit room and hitting Unboard.

When you have been assigned as Pilot to a ship, you can then manage the crewlist. You do this with the Crewlist button on the bottom of the panel.


Travel: Board Control: Position: Travel to cockpit room Control: Enter Cockpit

Travel: City: Ascend Travel: Planet: Orbit Travel: Sublight: Go Travel: Hyper: Go Travel: Sublight: Go Travel: Planet: Reentry Travel: Descend

Control: Position: Travel to exit room Travel: Unboard
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