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Post by Teresa Rowley on Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:59 pm

This forum is for the sale, purchase, and auctioning of SWC assets and services. For the sale and purchase of artwork. Bounties may be posted in this forum as well.--

1) Players are only allowed ONE active commerce thread at a time, and ONE active auction thread at a time. If you wish to start a new thread, edit the topic of the old thread to something like "Closed" before making a new thread so a moderator knows to close your old thread. It is strongly recommended that auction threads are titled "FA: whatever asset you are auctioning" to distinguish them from regular sales posts. If you are advertising a CPM auction or sale, it belongs in your commerce thread rather than an auction thread.

2) Topics with over 30 days inactivity will be deleted from time to time and will not be archived, so do not expect to be able to access them later. If you want to keep an ongoing thread, you will need to bump it once in a while to ensure that it isn't deleted. We can't restore deleted posts.

3) This forum is intended to be In Character. This means that if you choose to create your own topic, you should write your post from your character's perspective, and other traders should reply accordingly (with the exception of moderators; should moderation be required, such posts will be Out Of Character).  

4) No spamming, OOC flaming, or thread hijacking. Stay on topic and behave. We will ban to deal with troublemakers.

5) Please refrain from unnecessary flaming, name-calling, backseat-moderating, or multiple-post arguments. Such behavior may result in thread closure or potentially bans. Any rule violations that go unnoticed can be messaged to a moderator via Darkness messaging. Please include a link to the thread, or the thread title.
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