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Post by Teresa Rowley on Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:27 pm


I saw that you have just joined our little galactic community here in SWC.

We would be interested in having you come join our little family.
We have more than enough room for you to come in and take up residence.

My name is Teresa Rowley aka Cookie
I am the trainer for our factions.
my private IRC channel is #TR-Night
training academy IRC channel is #ITI
if you'd like to ask me questions or need help you can find me there or via DM.
Also if you join we have a training group to help you.
You'll need to register at

Now let me tell you a little bit about us
We like to offer our members a chance to not only do the contract work that our leadership brings in from various clients galaxy-wide ... but you are also allowed to do your own private jobs, no matter what that may be ... your destiny is your own. We are always there to assist our members in their respective dreams.


1) Friends to draw advise from;
2) Assignment to a faction ship (Toscan 8Q Fighter) upon graduation;
3) Use of Faction facilities (when faction business is not needed first);
4) Freedom to pursue your own exploits;

Whether you are looking for a place to fight the evil of this galaxy, haul precious cargo across the stars, build the ships that carry civilizations across the stars.

We have places for you to become a valued member.

1) Solonar Rangers ... Mercenary Faction
2) Joruba Trading Company ... Trade and Transportation
3) ZolCorp ... Production
4) Independent Traders Infonet ... Intelligence, Information and Space Exploration ( Currently Under Construction)

We are currently offering our members a way to where they are responsible for what they make on a monthly basis. All members will begin their career in a new division, Honor Road Shipping & Supply, where you will earn a set 60% pay rate per completed job, as well as a bonus for work done in a timely manner.

((We would ask that you log into the faction page as well as the SWC page at least 2-3 days every week so as to keep you active in the group. This will allow you to still have a life outside of the SWC and it will also be sure to keep our membership numbers where they need to be at.))

We have the following jobs needing to be filled:

1) Logistics Pilot (moves Raw Materials, Ships and other Items )
2) Production Engineer (monitors production levels)
3) Mine Manager (monitors all Mines Galaxy-wide)
4) Intelligence (gathering information on safe routes for our pilots)

We are more than capable of providing you with whatever you may need in order to get the job done.

We do have a forum set up at this time and will be needing you to register on it so we can get your office set up. This is also where you will be getting a majority of your jobs from.

We will also be assigning you all of the needed ships and equipment to get the job done.

So .. with that all said, I will await to hear from you as to what your decision may be.
Teresa Rowley
Teresa Rowley

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Recruitment Letter  Empty Re: Recruitment Letter

Post by Teresa Rowley on Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:05 am

Your message has been sent to Kiff Dante, Turin Soya, Kryi Somal, Yan Ramka, Victor Johns, Dyrsevai Pureblood, Malgous Zorn, Nick Ren, Tarak Vaan, John Renolds, Danis Tusk, Jaedis Starstrider, Blorg Sorenhisen, Krall Atvar, Xyran Gharj, Kertyus Maler, Finch Wios, To Pra, Calkenne Nox, Corlif Skykin, Hisheel Nocturnal, Wulfe Nightguard
Teresa Rowley
Teresa Rowley

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