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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:07 pm

Doors and Locks

Locks are used to create an exclusive barrier between two rooms, preventing unwanted visitors from entering certain areas. They are created using a crafting kit and require no resources.


You need to meet several requirements in order to be able to make or upgrade a door. You will need a Tookit equipped to one of your hand slots. You will also need to be one of the following to make or upgrade a door :

The owner of the entity
The commander of the entity
A member of a faction that is the commander of the entity

In addition, if you wish to downgrade a lock, change the password, or unlock the door, you will need to be:

The owner of the entity
The commander of the entity
A member of a faction that is the commander of the entity, with 'Makeover' privs for the entity, 'May Change Door Codes' privs, or have the pass code

Installing a Lock

In order to make a door the user must have the relevant access status denoted above and have a Crafting kit equipped. Once equipped the user may install locks and doors through the Room Travel Menu on the main control panel. From there, selecting "Locks" will present the user with a screen similar to below:


In this example it shows all the current directions for travel from this room. A lock may only be installed between two connecting rooms either up and down, side to side or even moving up or down floors, theoretically meaning a room can have a lock on all six sides.

It also allows the user to see if there are other doors already installed, which will be shown on the display along with whether they are currently locked or not. Once the user is ready they are required to select a side to install the lock on. The interface will only allow the user to place locks on valid sides.

Before the process begins a password must be set on the door. This password may be between one and ten characters using any combination of numbers 0-9, a-z (both upper and lower case, symbols are also accepted).

NOTE: This password CANNOT be recovered or reset without being opened first. The game will not save this password for users unless they add it to a Keycard. If this code is forgotten then the lock will need to be broken

Locks are created in three levels. Higher levels of door take longer to install but are arguably more secure and harder to break. A lower level lock must be installed before the user can install the next level. A basic door will take four hours to attempt, reinforced requires eight hours and blast doors will take twelve hours.
Successful installation

Chance to Install: (100 - (Door Type × 35 )) + (Theft/Deceit × 15);

If you successfully installed a lock, you will be rewarded with (Lock Level × 20)xp

That is: 20 xp for succesfully making a standard door, 40 xp for successfully upgrading a standard door to a reinforced door, 60 xp for successfully upgrading a reinforced door to a blast door.

In the case of failure no XP is awarded.
Locking/Unlocking a Door

Locking and unlocking the door are both very similar, and to lock or unlock a door, you must be either the commander or owner of a ship. If your faction is assigned as commander you may upgrade a lock freely; however, you must either have make over privileges or enter the old password to unlock, downgrade, or change the password on the door. A commander is always required to enter the password in order to unlock the door for security reasons.
Changing a Password

Passwords can be changed from the lock screen. Commanders are required to enter the previous password as well as a new password in order to change the password. Owners are only required to enter a new password.

Passcodes can not exceed 10 characters or be empty.

Keys require a Crafting Kit to create. Once created they can store up to 20 passcodes. When attempting to move through a door, the door will first check if you have the required code on a keycard. If you do not, then it will request the password. Some web browsers may also be able to store door codes like passwords in their cache files. Be cautious though because if a passcode is forgotten, the only way to open the door after that will be to break the lock, see below.
Breaking a Lock

Breaking a lock requires an electronic lock breaker. When attempting to move through the door you will be given an option to break the lock. Breaking the lock takes longer with each lock type, and the chance of success decreases.

Chance to Succeed: ((Theft/Deceit+1)÷7)×(0.02×Theft/Deceit+1)×((Theft/Deceit+0.1)÷5) × (2÷(2Door Type))×100 + 1

After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked.

If you fail at upgrading or installing a door you will have a 50% chance to be injured and lose 2-10 hit points. This will be due to carelessness, ineptitude or random mistakes that occur to everyone at some stage.

If you fail to break a lock, there is a small chance the lock breaker will break. Chance to Break Lockbreaker: ((6 - Theft/Deceit) × Door Type)
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