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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:26 pm


Prospecting in the Star Wars Combine is attempting to find a raw material deposit. RM deposits are on every planet, however only 1 deposit can be found per square.

Requirements for Prospecting:
- Be in the square you wish to prospect.
- You must be on the surface of a planet or inside a city to prospect.
- Be assigned as pilot of a prospecting vehicle.
- Be inside the assigned prospecting vehicle.

- Have a high Computer Operations skill while prospecting, as this ensures that you do not miss deposits.
- Use a squadron of 12 prospecting vehicles when prospecting, so that you can pool your sensors.


Chance of finding = ( 1 + Total Sensors(Comp Op÷(30+0.05)) ) × Terrain Prob
Sensors: Mining Resource Sensors of Vehicle or Ship scanning
Comp Op: Computer Operation Skill of scanner
Terrain Prob: Figure found in table above

Time Taken for Prospecting = {[( 24 ÷ (Total Sensors÷(120 - NPC))0.1) - log(9 - Comp)((Comp + NPC + 1) × Total Sensors)] / log10(Speed + 1)} ÷ 1.2
NPC: Total NPC working helping with the Prospecting
Total Sensors: Sensors of Vehicle or Item scanning
Comp Op: Computer Operation Skill of scanner
Speed: Speed of Vehicle or PC

Cost of Prospecting = 10000 × (1 + Tax + Crime )
Tax: Tax Level of Planet
Crime: Crime Level of Planet

Current Prospecting Vehicles:
- FK-7 Airspeeder
- SX-65 Groundhog

To Prospect:

The first step is to board a mining vehicle. We click ::Control:: Position > Room > white arrow buttons until we get to the room within our ship, (the Hangar Bay), that contains the mining vehicles. We then click Enter next to the mining vehicle we wish to pilot. Once aboard, we room travel until we get into the mining vehicle’s cockpit.

Before we undock and begin to prospect, we need to NPC the vehicles. To perform this act you need to already be in a mining vehicle (SX-65 Groundhog or FK-7 Airspeeder). To NPC the other 11 vehicles to follow you, click:

Inventory :: Vehicles > Manage Piloted Vehicles > Select 11 Vehicles > Set Controller > Set NPC Controlled

Once they have been NPC’d, the next step in prospecting is to enter the cockpit of your prospecting vehicle. Undock from your ship, clicking:

Control:: Enter Cockpit > Travel > Undock.

You will now be outside on the plane surface, and your screen should show the number of vehicles you are traveling with in the top right corner of the screen (If you NPC’d correctly, it should show 1 + 11). From here, a new button called the “action button” will be visible next to the travel button. Simply click this and you should see a button called “prospect”. Once “prospect” is selected the sever will ask you if you want to start prospecting the square that you are at. Confirm this by selecting “start prospecting” and away you go.

Control:: Position > Cockpit> Actions > Prospect > Start Prospecting

A timer will now show how long the prospecting will take to complete. Once that is done, you will receive an event notification stating if you found a deposit, and if you did what type of raw material and what size.

Once completed, it is time to dock the prospecting vehicles upon your ship and move to the next terrain square. Click:

Control:: Enter Cockpit > Travel > Dock > Enter

To reboard your ship. Once docked, you can then exit your prospecting vehicle and head back to the ship’s cockpit. To travel to your next assignment on the planet, you will need to cross terrain. This is done by clicking:

Control:: Enter Cockpit > Travel > Cross Terrain > choose surface destination, speed and eta (optional) > Go.

Once the travel time is complete, you will have arrived at the new terrain square, and the prospecting cycle begins again.
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