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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:24 pm


Recycling is where you break apart an entity, destroying it to generate a number of Raw Materials.

Recycling-capability Assets

There are two mobile assets that can be used to recycle entities:

GRZ-6B Wrecker (a ship)
EVS Construction Droid (a ground vehicle)

There are also five immobile assets that have recycling capabilities:

Recycling Plant (a facility)
Recycling I (a space station)
Recycling II (a space station)
Recycling III (a space station)
Recycling IV (a space station)


The Entity that is to be recycled must either be owned by a Recycling Faction or have the Recycling Faction assigned manager. The person wishing to do the recycling needs to be a member of a Recycling Faction and have the correct privileges. The person wishing to do the recycling also needs to be in a recycling entity and be located next to the entity that is to be recycled.
How Do I Recycle?

Once you meet the above requirements, you can begin to recycle. To do so, do the following:

Click [Enter Cockpit] or [Building Management] depending on where you are.
Click the [Actions] button on the central horizontal bar.
Click the [Recycle] button on the left.
Click the [Recycle] button that is next to the entity this to be recycled.

Before you start recycling, you will be shown all the available entities that could be recycled. It will give you details on the entity you are recycling, such as:

Name - what it is called
Recycle Time - the time it will take to finish recycling
Recycle Cost - the cost it will take to recycle the entity

After you start recycling, you can check back to see the progress of the Recycling, which included the estimated time remaining for the job to complete.
Material Return

The amount of materials returned is determined by several factors. The first faction is based on the entities status before it was recycled. If the entity is at 100% hull before the recycling starts, you will get more materials back then you would if it was a wrecked entity. The second determining factor is based of your repair skill. Higher repair skills leads to higher recycling yields. The third factor is what entity is being used to recycle. A Wrecker has very limited space in its hull. A EVS has much more. The amount of materials returned fully depends upon how much space is left in the Wrecker or EVS. If there is not enough space for all the materials that would be returned, then the remaining mats are lost. For this reason, if the player wants to get materials back, its best to use an EVS
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