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Post by Teresa Rowley on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:17 pm

The Force

The Force is what Jedi, Sith and other Force Sensitive characters use. They use it to access force abilities that give them additional strategic options, as well as boosting their usual skills slightly. Many people wish to be Force Sensitive, but very few are.

How Do I Become Force Sensitive?

Most races have a certain percentage chance of become Force Sensitive (or FS). These are typically very low, with the highest chance being 6%. When you create your character the server will automatically run an equation to determine if you are FS. If you manage to beat the odds you will be found force sensitive. You will not be informed of this however. In order to unlock your force abilities you must be tested by another FS player and they must opt to inform you. See Force Detection.

If you are not Force Sensitive at creation, there is a chance for you to become so as you level up. Every 5 levels after the first (ie levels 1, 6, 11, 16, etc) the server will re-roll your FS chance to determine if you have become FS. If you are already FS it does not do this. The equation it uses to determine your chance is:

Probability to become Force-Sensitive at Level X = RFP + ((X - 1) ÷ 5) × (RFP ÷ 2)

   RFP = Race Force Probability, this is what is listed on your races stat page
   X = your current level

To put it another way, every time your level increases, your chance of becoming force attuned increases by half of your Race Force Probability. For a human, their Race Force Probability is 5% so their chart would look like this
Player Level Percentage Chance
1 5%
6 7.5%
11 10%
16 12.5%
Force Activated

Once activated, the user will notice an additional selection of options appear on their menu. The first thing to appear is the force point bar. This shows how many force points the user has. It is also split green and red to denote the light and dark side alignment, the more red the bar is, the closer to dark side the user moves. This is also the way to access Force Training options.

Additionally the option appears on the control menu for force actions. Different to the above, this method allows the user to access a list of all their currently available force actions.

Initial Skill Allocation

When a user is first found force sensitive and attempts to access the Force page, they will be asked to allocate their initial batch of skill points into their force skills. How many the user receive will be determined by how high the facet value is, receiving points which MUST be spent in that force area. The number of points is equal to 1/10th of the facet value rounded up, EG a facet value of 55 means six force points are available for that area.

There are five force facets. The following chart provides an overview of their functionality. A full description of all skills contained is found in the force skills section.
Facet Description
Telepathy Abilities which allow the user to manipulate the minds or perceptions of other characters or NPCs.
Telekinesis Allowing the user to control objects with their mind and using their force of will to affect them.
Life Abilities in relation to the body, restoring or conserving it while allowing the user to avoid others and see the unseen.
Energy Using powerful energy forces to reduce incoming fire or inflict damage.
Universal Useful or important abilities such as lightsabre user or force meditation.

The facet strength is randomly determined by the game when the initial roll is made above to determine sensitivity. The lower the level when the user passes this roll, the higher the facets. Note that this is not linked to when the user was made force aware and it is possible for a user to be force sensitive from level 1 and not be unlocked for several levels but still have high facets.

Overview: The higher the users level, the greater the chance of passing the force roll but the lower their facets if they do pass.

Once the initial points have been calculated they must be spent before any further force activities can be explored. Skill costs are the same as for normal Skills, and so the higher the level, the more skill points that will be required. Additionally, at this point the user cannot assign skill points to the Universal facet, only to the Telepathy, Life, Energy and Telekinesis facets.

Gaining Additional Skills

Additional skill points must be earned through force training. The user attempts to improve their knowledge and mastery of the force. By training, the user can gain extra skill points to spend on force abilities.
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