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Post by Teresa Rowley on Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:09 am

Table of Contents

1/ Initial Conditions
2/ Bidding
3/ Selling to the Market

The Galactic Market is the place where you can buy or sell ships, vehicles, facilities, weapons, items and raw materials with the common citizen (NPCs). The market is there to provide one more possibility to sell your goods or eventually to find some equipment you could not find elsewhere.

You can access the list of goods available on the market whenever you want. However in order to buy or sell, you must have the necessary resources, and meet some conditions.

It is also important to note that the goods available for sale on the market are not always inside NPC-owned facilities. Therefore, it can happen that you may have to contact the owner (character or faction) of the facility containing your purchased goods in order for you to settle a way to retrieve them.

1/ Initial Conditions

To buy from the market, you must be inside a Trading Faction owned market, which means inside a Commercial Centre facility or a Trading Station (1 or 2), or inside Centrepoint Space Station.

To sell to the market, you must still be inside a market and the product you wish to sell must fill the following conditions:

You must own the entity or have the necessary faction privileges if your faction owns it.
The entity cannot be travelling and must be in a system, or on the ground in a city or on a planet, or inside a market. If you try to sell raw materials, then the pile can be instead located inside a NPC-owned facility.
It cannot be under construction.
It cannot be protected.
It cannot contain docked ships or vehicles.

If the above conditions are met, you may sell your product by marking it in the inventory and selecting "Sell To Market".
If a market is transfered to non-Trading Faction ownership, all bids made at that market will be counted as invalid when the Auction finishes.

2/ Bidding

All assets on the market are priced based on the Raw Material cost of the asset. Every bid on an asset must be equal to or greater than the Minimum Bid (2x the RMP of the asset) with 5% of the bid price going to the Owner of the Market.

Credits will not be withdrawn until the end of the Auction. Bids do not have to be higher than or equal to the highest bid made. If the person with the highest bid can not afford the bid when the auction is finished, the next highest bid to be able to afford their bid is selected as the winner.
Gary bids 1,000,000,000 on a Namana listed on the Market. The highest bid is now 1,000,000,000 Credits. John comes along and bids 500,000,000 credits, less than Gary. Before the auction ends, Gary spends the entire 1,000,000,000 he needed for the auction on something else. He still has the highest bid, but can no longer afford it. John wins with the next highest bid of 500,000,000 credits

If no bids are made or no viable winner is able to be selected, the Auction is concluded and the item becomes purchasable at the cost of the Minimum Bid.
You can not cancel a bid, so make sure you actually want something before you bid on it.

3/ Selling to the Market

Credits received from selling assets to the market are calculated as follows.

Base Price: This price is simply 2x the RM value of an entity.
Condition: If an entity is damaged at 45%, then its base price will be reduce by 45%.
Owner Fee: A fixed 5% commission taken out of the winning bid is redistributed to the market owner as long as the winning bid is not made by the owning faction or a member of the owning faction.
Market Fee: This additional cost solely depend on your trading skill. If you have 0, then you will get ripped by another 20%, then for each trading skill point you have, you avoid 4% of cost.
Distance Fee: For each hyperunit of distance between the Market and the product, you have to add 0.1% of fee. It is recommended to find a market close to your desired product or to develop market areas.
Debt: Debt of the facility (if any and only for facilities)
Price when buying from the market = (Base Price + Owner Fee + Market Fee) x Condition + Distance + Debt Fee
Price when selling to the market = ((2 * (RMP / Batch))-((0.02 * (2 * (RMP / Batch)))+((0.2 - 0.04 * TradeSkill) * ((2 * (RMP / Batch))) * Condition - Debt

The minimal price is 1 credit.
If the Market owns a YT-1300 in top condition, the base price will be 514,400 credits and the Owner Fee price 10,288 credits. If you have 0 trading skill, you will have to pay an additional 102,880 credits (but only 82,304 if you have trading level 1). Now, if we suppose the market is at (251, -272) and the YT-1300 is at (258, -146) then the distance fee will be equal to 65,329 credits. Finally the total cost of ownership for this YT-1300 will sum up to 692,897 credits (shipping not included).
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